Monday, September 17, 2012

The Most Important Review You'll EVER Read (snort)

Ok so along with the Halloween treats are these little gems that have folks scrambling to get their own. M7M's is 1st up. White chocolate with candy corn flavor. I'm in. Now I'm not a chocolate lover at all, I pass on Hershey bars and I also pass on Gherradeli, and all that too. But I do love me some candy corn. Yum, it's the flavor of fall in my world. So I got my own bag of these "limited edition M&ms". I say YUM! Yes they are good. They do NOT taste at all like candy corn but they are pretty & bright, and if I have to eat chocolate, make it white. So I'd say OK good enough for $2.99 for a little bag.
Next up are these pretty  little gems.
 I'm not a fan of chocolate flavored Oreo cookies at all, but those vanilla Oreos are OK. So I'm thinking this is a winner winner chicken dinner for sure. $2.99 for a bag-that reminds you of Girls Scout Cookies(it's about the cause-not good value) and I wonder why the bag is resealable because anybody with a kid or two and a cup-o-beverage would eat all of these at once since there are only about 20 or so cookies in there.
Alas, I ate two and thought, nope not even a hint of the flavor of candy corn and not even nearly as good as the vanilla Oreos. They taste kind of waxy-maybe they were confused and were going for those wax lips we used to get at Halloween back in the day!? I'd say, unless you want them to look pretty on a tray, because they are colorful and pretty, leave them on the shelf. SO now you can safely head to your Halloween aisle and not be fooled by the pretty! Look at all these pretty wrappers!

Look these are potentially healthy looking!
And even Organic treats! WOW, who woulda thought????

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