Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pondering Halloween Costumes at Target

I had to go get dog food today so I popped over to Target. It's the season for Halloween costumes! I love Halloween Costumes. Let's peek at what Target has this year. hmmm for $30 you can be the illuminated purple witch....wonder if that's a good witch or a bad witch.  I noticed that Target separates their costumes into boy costumes in one aisle and girl costumes in the next aisle.

Anyways, oh look princess of the seas! huh, well for $25
 I guess you should be princess of something.
Oh Demonic Devil, there's something every little girls should want to be, goes perfectly with the zombie in the boys costume aisle. For $15 you get a shirt with dirt on it-oh maybe that's blood and guts- and a mask with a hood.

Maybe Flesh Stalker is
what a boy dreams of being.  Hey now we're talking look a Transformer Optimus Prime! Now that's a great costume!!
I don't know , but it seems like these costumes all lack imagination. There is something sort of special about making your own costume. I loved making costumes for my kids, probably my favorite thing to make even now. But I didn't make optimus prime-that's a cool costume...maybe I could make it in grown up size.......never mind.

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