Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sold to number 733

Nooooo I didn't buy this fish lamp. 

And I didn't buy these cool vintage barstools either. But they went for something like $5!  I was shocked!! The auctioneer couldn't give away furniture at all!

I didn't buy this cool aquarium clock either. But it was very cool!
And I didn't buy this poor sewing machine either.
Even though I seriously have a problem with sewing machines. I feel like the poor ol things need a home...worse than dogs at the pound!!! This sale also had a Modern brand sewing machine too....oh it was a beauty in a little wood cabinet. But I resisted and did not buy it even though I could have gotten it for only $2
Ah yessss, I bought this! Woodpeckers......

and a cuckoo.......
Ohh it's a beautiful thing!!!!!

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