Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Catching Up...

I see I forgot to share these pictures from a week or so ago... Hubs made cinnamon rolls! Yummy!
They were delish!
DD asked me to make a card for her to take to work. The folks she works with wanted to give a note to one of them who is having a tough time. Their co-worker had a tree fall on BOTH of their cars and total them during the last storm in these parts.
I just love this paper. I hope the folks like the sentiment anyways. I always have to make an envelope too for her it seems like! A little fairy magic seems to be in order for this coworker.
I didn't share this picture with yu yet either! It's been on my phone since we went to St. Louis. Pretty smart idea to save water-I know I blogged about this another time-and I really don't have a flushing fixation, but... I laughed when I saw the last line..."the sensor will automatically flush the proper amount of water based on time spent in the stall"! YIKES! All those folks who hang out in the bathroom stall, will be getting a monster flush!!!!
Ok I think I'm all caught up now!

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