Saturday, September 8, 2012

What A Great Idea!

Check this out! I was inspired by sewing coloring book pages together....

See there was this dinosaur work book that was with the coloring books, and it was pretty colored up, but there were some parts that weren't. A little matching game, ad some counting cards. so I thought, maybe I could laminate the cards and they would go in an activity bag. Then I thought well they need an envelope to keep them together,so I thought,(lotta thinkin' goin' on here!) OK laminate an envelope. BUT! Look I used another book page and laminated it then SEWED it!!!!!
Seriously-I sewed laminated paper! How cool is that??!!
See another page, this one is just open at the top-no flap, it's counting cards only to 5.
Bob was helping.
Such a pretty kitty.And I'm sure he's impressed with my idea!!

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