Friday, September 7, 2012

The Re-Use Experiment

So I try to update the kids activity bags that are kept at the church. The bags are pretty nice for the kids to have some colors and paper and a book or small toy to keep them busy during the Sunday morning church service. Anyways, the coloring books get a little raggedy after a bit, but there are still some pages left that are good, so I thought if I tore out the good pages, I could make them into new coloring books.

So I used my handy paper cutter to trim up the pages a little.
Then I ran them through my heavy duty sewing machine-careful...OH BOY! That is pretty slick!!!

Let's see if the kiddos like these "new" coloring books!

Isn't that cool! Look at how easy that was! Man, just think of all the cool things I could sew together!!!

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