Thursday, October 4, 2012

Busy, Busy on the River

So Hubs and me went for a little leaf lookin' expedition last Saturday. It may have been a wee bit early, but it's always nice to go for a ride. We headed over to the Mighty Mississippi River, and made a quick stop at Expressions in Thread in Le Claire, I was pretty fast...
Then Hubs realized he forgot his cane! Yies-he's not going far without it so I said, let's find a cane store-in Le Claire there are about 25 antique stores, I stopped here

Oh, yeah, they had an awesome cane for only $10. And such nice folks there, it was totally Karmic they way it all came together!
Anyways off we went,
we went up past Comanche, and up to Sabula-that's where these big white birds were hanging out.
Then we went to the Lock & Dam at Bellevue.
So the leaves weren't great, but it's always a good trip when you cross the river-it's like being on vacation-and there is fabric involved!
the tree in the back yard looks better

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