Monday, October 22, 2012

Deep Sigh, and a Finish

Don't you just love this design from Crystal Hendrix? I do too! But I'm having issues.
Here's what the finished block is supposed to work up like..... and here
Is what mine worked up like. Deep sigh... those columns don't add up for me, but I'm glad I didn't cut a lot of fabric, I just cut enough for a sample. I can figure this out.... I think. It's such a cute block!
But I DID get the Chevron one done

I just did some straight line quilting with my walking foot. Honestly the method I used to make these blocks made them on the bias so I was afraid to try any free motion type of business on it. I have issues with the white fabric too, it seems like it's either too white or not white enough and not very consistant. But it is done!

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