Friday, November 30, 2012

You Know It's Christmas Time When...

The P&G Holiday Box arrives!
See it says happy Holidays. Everybody who works at P&G like I do, (see how I worked in that little statement to comply with their Social Media Policy) or has retired from P&G, gets a Holiday Box. And this year is P&G's 175th anniversary. So the outside of the box chronicles that. Now let's see what's in there!!
Oh goodie the famous chocolate covered know way back in the day, there used to be things like little canned hams, and cookie mix and other edible things-even fresh fruit, but some whiners complained about some of that stuff so now the ONLY edible you can count on is the chocolate covered almonds. ANd you can count on a card from our CEO, Bob McDonald.....thanks, Bob-maybe next year share some of that bonus you got, OK?
Ok what's the gift this's always something nice-last year it was a giant ceramic platter, one time it was a nice suitcase, another time it was a blanket throw....this year.....
It's a cool box with a tile lid! Nice! Sure beats my all time most disliked gift of the stainless steel ice bucket.
Ok next can always count on the box being packed extremely well in a lot of cardboard sections and layers.
Oh Boy! I needed some Cascade!
Yay! Lots of goodies! And each brand has a history included to celebrate the 175th anniversary.
And a box for Bob...not Bob McDonald, I mean OUR Bob.
Merry Christmas!

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