Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas at Church

A couple of weeks ago, at Thanksgiving time, everyone at church was asked to write on these little paper hearts what they liked or were thankful for about our church. So now I'm going to make those hearts be part of our Christmas decorations this year.  I punched holes in the hearts and strung them pennent style on silver ribbon.

Then tied the ribbon to the wreaths-all 6 of them-that go on the walls of the sanctuary. Then I wound around some blue ribbon and also made silver bows for the top and we're all set....X6.
A couple of weeks ago I found the perfect blue satin-type of fabric to make the paraments out of with some basic silver trim. I had a suggestion to put the larger wreathes up front this year. SO I took my ladder and climbed up to place hooks waaayy up there earlier in the week. The thinking here is, if the hooks are going to let loose and the wreaths fall down, then better for it to happen before Sunday.

Then I used the tiny bit of leftover fabric to make bows for the wreaths and added silver stars to make make them a little bit sparkly.

There, looks pretty good! Oh and the Advent wreath...
Oh and the tree. All blue and silver and sparkly! Glad that's done for this year!

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