Monday, December 31, 2012

I Hab A Cold...

So I have a cold, my nose is stuffy and i'm coughing, and sniffling.....So I was just noticing that my Puffs basic has a new box.
Look isn't that a good design? I like the pop up dispensing, and now you can see how many are left in the box too! Good design! And cute graphics too. It makes me feel better....well maybe not but I like the box anyways. And while I was noticing my Puffs box I recalled that I got a Puffs Car Cup in my Christmas box.

Remember this Christmas Box?
Come to find out these are a hot item. They are only currently available at Target, but they are selling like hotcakes.
Yay for Puffs, and since I'm talking about a P&G product I gotta mention that I work for P&G, but not where they make Puffs, so maybe it doesn't matter anyways, but Puffs are so much better and softer than those other brands, in my humble opinion.
And one other cool thing. You can order P&G products here at the P&G E Store
and they'll deliver to your door. 

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