Monday, December 31, 2012

One LAST Project for 2012

I had one more piece of fabric that I purchased not too long ago with the idea of making curtains for the bedroom. I sleep during the day and I have blinds and shades, but there's this one little sliver of light at certain times of the year that curtains would take care of. I saw this cute idea (above) on Pinterest. I don't have any cool old spools like these, but I was inspired!
SO I sewed up the plain curtains. I already had the lovely Waverly valence. And I really liked this fabric-it's kind of homespun-ish and has a nice feel AND it was on sale for something like $4 a yard, so I bought all they had.
It was pretty close.....I almost was too short. Wait...Don't look under that valence!!!
Heeey, yes, I took the short cut...I made tab tops, but barely had enough fabric for them too so I just cheated and zigzagged the tabs on after I serged the edge! Shhh, don't tell!! Just put the valance back and we'll forget this episode happened!
There, see the vintage spools I used for tie backs? Cute huh? I just put a screw in the wall a little shorter than the spool and slid the spool right on to the screw.
And the other side. Now this is a double window and we won't talk about how I cheated on the fabric to make only 3 panels instead of in the middle I did this...
Same rust colored ribbon and a larger vintage spool. I just left the thread on it. I got these spools quite a long time ago either at an auction or in a swap, I can't remember for sure.
So there! All done. I might change to a wider ribbon at some point, but this is pretty good. I don't have anymore designated fabric right now and the only project left is the salt water taffy baby quilt.
 It's nice to start the new year with no fabric guilt!