Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Doggone That's A Lot of Snow

I think I've expressed my love for the little red snow blower before. I still live it! We have about 5 inches of snow and my red friend was wonderful!
I might mention that it's super hard to take pictures of snow blowers in action if you're the one running the snow blower!
Whoever invented the snow blower, I think they deserve a holiday named for them...let's google.
Robert Carr Harris of Dalhousie, New Brunswick patented a "Railway Screw Snow Excavator" in 1870. Various other innovations also occurred. However, it is Arthur Sicard (1876–1946) who is generally credited as the inventor of the first practical snow blower. In 1925 Sicard completed his first prototype, based on a concept he described in 1894 He founded Sicard Industries in Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec and by 1927 his vehicles were in use removing snow from the roadways of the town of Outremont, now a borough of Montreal. His company is now a division of SMI-Snowblast, Inc. of Watertown, New York.

SO here's to Arthur Sicard!
After I have the driveway done, I go to the back deck and shovel for the dogs. They are crazy for snow!
When I throw a shovel of snow they bite the snow and chase it and bark and growl. It's pretty funny, they'll chase snow until they are sick!!
As I mentioned it's pretty hard to take pictures when you're the one throwing the snow! Silly Dogs!

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