Saturday, February 2, 2013

Big Stuff

So for Christmas, I got an anonymous gift. Someone at my church, left me a certificate for Common Threads Quilt Shoppe in North Liberty Iowa worth $100. YIKES! Thanks if you are one of my 6 followers!
Anyways, I've been thinking what to do with this Golden Ticket, and decided I'd sign up for the long-arm quilting class that earns you a drivers license to drive the long-arm machines at Common Threads.After you get your license, you can rent the long arm machines and quilt your own projects.
Here's what Peg was working on when I stopped in the shoppe.
. Ohh I'm pretty darn excited, the class is on Feb. 16. I'll have to remember to take pictures!
Lots of new fabric in Peg's shop too...see those cute purses? Hmmm, I still have $25 left...

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