Saturday, March 23, 2013

Shoppin' Saturday

So my Mom and me hit the giant indoor yard sale out at Sharpless Auctions. There was a lot of OPJ! Yes Other People's Junk.

 It's always fun to see what folks need to get rid of. Then we stopped off at JoAnn's...Well we had coupons so we HAD to stop there. I needed thread.
 We also stopped over at Hobby Lobby..Isn't this funny? Special Occasion Monkey print and Flower print fabric.  I guess one person's special occasion is another person's....not special occasion.
 Here's the home project. I'll show you the finished project when I'm all done. But I can assure you the graffiti teenage boy look is gone!
It started out sort of like this entertainment center about 15 years ago.
Thanks to inspiration from Pinterest, It will be all new!

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