Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Have A Seat on This New Bench!

So I started with this entertainment center that had been the graffiti "decor" in Uber Son's room. We had removed the top and side glass door to accommodate his Big TV. I took the ol' circular saw to it and went at it one more time!
 Modge Podge is my old friend. I hadn't opened a jar of Modge Podge in about a million years. But I cracked this jar open and WOW! That smell is unmistakable! I had a momentary flash back to 4H, Girl Scout crafting days! 
Anyways, I got busy with my old book pages. This big old book has sure served me well!

 I Modge Podged, and then I Modge Podged some more.

 And some more....
I took the handles off of the doors and hung them outside and spray painted them black. I am such a poor spray painter...

 There, those are done!
 I flipped the entertainment center upside down to get the base done. It looks good doesn't it!
THen I had to do the inside. I was kind of bummed to see that I would need to do the side too on the inside. So I had to get another jar of Modge Podge. And let me just mention that Nodge Podge is a dollar per jar cheaper at Hobby lobby then at Micheal's. Yay for Hobby Lobby! And Yay for the Hobby Lobby mobile phone coupon app! 40% off is awesome!
 And TA DA! Here it is! I think I'll make a cushion for the new bench. It's going to look great at the foot of the bed.

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