Friday, April 19, 2013

More Watching Stuff Dry

So some time ago we had the plumber in to fix a leaking fitting on the shower head in the Men's Room. They replaced the piping and put in a backer board to support the fitting. SO there it was. Not very attractive is it.

 I finally got to work and replaced the drywall, and made a feeble attempt to tape & mud the drywall. Thanks to the guy at Lowe's I think I got it! Now I'm just waiting for the mud to dry before I sand it and do it again.
 So I guess I better get busy and finish this mending job for a guy at work.

Nothing like a little mending while the nud dries...speaking of mud, I was pretty shocked to see the condition of my driveway Thursday morning!
 This low spot in the corner has always been an issue, but jeepers, I've never had it as deep as the door sill!!
All this rain is just crazy!!! And to top it all off I keep seeing little snow flakes out there today! I think I'll go work on that quilt and not look outside anymore!!