Monday, June 3, 2013

But Why Would You Want To?

SO , you know how much I love Pinterest. I see the best ideas there! And it's so easy to pin stuff I want to check out later. I love the Pinterest DIY category.what a lot of cool ideas. But sometimes, really, why would you want to.
Why would you want a grass chair? Photo from Pinterest.
Really? You want to wear rubber bands? OK if your kindergartner makes mommy a necklace & bracelet, you wear it with joy and love, but rubber bands? I guess because you can! Not for me though. Photo from Pintrest via
Creepy, creepy, creepy..that's all I'm saying. I do get the idea of this bloggers messy play ideas, but glowing water is too alien, creepy for me!
What's up with all these pallets on Pinterest? photo from Pinterest I swear folks will make anything out of a pallet. Unfortunately, it often looks like a pallet.  Really, you want a pallet in your living room?
I totally get recycling pallets and building cool things, but to plunk a pallet on wheels and think that's a good thing? Oh I want to hang a pallet on my wall!!  Not! Photo from Pinterest.
No, No, No. Plastic bottle recycling is good. Plastic bottles recycled on the wall, not so much. photo from pinterest
Tires, deep sigh, I don't know. However I do have to point out that these tires are actually a hanging a porch swing, so maybe there's hope. I still gotta wonder about the tire idea though. Photo from Pinterest via
Anyways I guess that's the point of Pinterest's DIY category, to inspire and make one wonder about what could be.

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