Saturday, June 22, 2013


DD and I went to an auction this morning, My goodness it was HOT!

We didn't buy a thing! We left early it was so hot. One thing I thought was pretty dang awesome...
Table and 4 chairs, so 1960!

So I got busy on that T shirt quilt i started quite awhile back when I got home.

I needed to get the 6 1/2" squares trimmed down first. Trusty Water erasable marker is a great thing, I just mark the lines I need to find and get busy.

Then the 12 1/2" square ruler went to work on the main T shirt blocks. I'll need to remember to cut the blocks bigger than I think they should be if I ever do this again. I was pretty tight on some of these blocks. And this ruler is pretty dang nifty too. It's called OmniGrip. It has some kind of miracle print on it and it does stay secure on the fabric a lot better than the the regular Omni grid ruler.

So here's the first one!  I like it a lot more than I thought I would.
It took longer to cut all the blocks then it does to sew them together. The blocks are so big, they sew up fast! YAY!
Hope DD likes it too. She hardly ever reads my blog so I think she'll be surprised to see it underway!

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