Friday, June 21, 2013

The Crawlspace Expedtion

I spent some quality time under the house this morning. When the plumbers were here a week or so ago they told me my duct work was sagging.
Yup, it sure is.  SO I gathered my supplies to go on the crawlspace expedition.
Let's see, lamp, UL181 sealing tape, scissors, gloves, swiffer duster, gloves, staple gun, hanger strap and some nifty new knee pads...guess that's all....see you soon!!
Here's the starting point for the expedition....
In I gooooooo!

Well, that's better. I sealed it all up and added some hanger strap, and on to the next cobwebby cold air leak.
My knees are killing me, but I got the job done! I think I'll take some Aleve now....

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