Thursday, July 25, 2013

Back To Real Work....

Gosh, how time does fly! Vacation is over, darn, so I've been busy at home.
Look at this awesome piece of wood. I've started getting it sanded down a bit to make into a table using those awesome hairpin legs I got a couple of weeks ago. Here's the inspiration/idea..(photo from
You can just see the pretty woodgrain starting to come through. I have quite a ways to go on this project though!
The "garden" is starting to produce some tomatoes! Yay!
And I spied these little green guys eating the parsley, it turns out they are the kind that turn into butterflies, so i guess the parsley isn't as important as they are.
Oh I almost forgot, I also spent some rental time on the long arm machine.
As it turns out, I tend to make bad design choices. Surprised? Yeah, me too...not so much! Anyways, I started out with the large pebble, stones, design, and thought I would do the whole quilt in that way. Well, it takes a lot of thread to do that let me tell ya. I used more than 2 whole bobbins to do the top row(5 blocks across). So, I thought well, I'll do some out line/echo quilting around the center blocks of the quilt. Much better, less thread and less time. But I STILL used my whole 3 hours & 6+ bobbins & an entire cone of thread and got only half way done!! More rental time when I get monied up on payday!

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