Friday, July 19, 2013

Hot & Busy Day

So, today was Fabriganza! One stop and look at this fabric!!
The sale goes on at Expressions In Thread in Le Claire Iowa. And while in Le Clair, you gotta stop by the American Pickers Shop.
Here's Mom standing beside one of the famous Picks.
It's always fun to see the things that have made Mike & Frank a household name!
There was construction going on at the shop, but I imagine they are enlarging the store to sell more souvenirs.

On the way to Le Clair, we made a rest stop at a handy I-80 rest area. Look at the sweet brick work!!
Quilt blocks, and a brick needle and thread trim! How perfect for our little road trip! The rest area is really a lovely little stop and is decorated with the theme of quilts used as a message system by abolitionists to aid "passengers" on the underground railroad. According to a sign at the rest area, Cedar County Iowa was a pretty busy place for folks traveling to freedom.
Colorful quilt blocks on the floor and
Those awesome needles and thread stitching in stone.
A great Fabric day it was indeed!

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