Saturday, July 20, 2013

Restaurant Review-Longhorn Steakhouse

So, what are all of these folks smiling about? Well they are smiling at Longhorn Steakhouse's delicious food. We gave the newest Longhorn location in Coralville Iowa a test drive. I signed up for emails from them and got a coupon for a free appetizer. We chose the Texas Tonion.

The Tonion is a nicely battered onion leaf that is drizzled with a bit of ranch dressing and comes with a tasty bit of 1000island style of dressing for dipping. Really delicious. And as you can see in the photo, a pretty big bunch of Tonion! We were also served with delicious little loaves of honey wheat bread when we arrived. It was very good.  I had a glass of Orange ginger lemonade to drink-it was delicous,not too sweet, and not too over powering...that's it in front of the tonions. Jean had the blackberry Iced Tea and it too was delicious, and our server kept us filled up all night along with DD's strawberry lemonade.
One of our favorite things was the nice silverware. now I know not everyone cares about the silverware, but I do! I like a nice heavy set, and these fit the bill! The steak knifes were also good and sturdy-it was a joy to use such great flatware and knives! So nice!!!
Here's the Flo's Filet steak & Lobster tail that Jean ordered...see that knife? She had the baked sweet potato, and reported it was all delicious.
Here is DD's Renegade sirloin 8 oz steak and baked potato..again very tasty. She said they cooked it just right. Hubs also had the 12 oz Ribeye steak with a baked potato and it was done to his liking too. DS had the Outlaw ribeye and thought his steak was a little bit fatty-he had a lot to cut away.
I had the half rack of ribs, and I liked it a lot, I know some folks won't like these ribs because they were on the sweet side of BBQ sauce, they tasted a lot like baked bean sauce.  But I love baked beans so sauce that tasted like them was just fine by me and the dogs get bones!
We all enjoyed the green salads that came with our meals, Hubs was really impressed with their blue cheese dressing, and the service was outstanding. We were waited on promptly after arriving, our glasses were kept full and when it was time for the ticket we were pleased to see they had taken off the charge for DS's steak that we thought was too fatty. They also took care of my free appetizer coupon without any issues at all!! YAY!
See the nice looking metal cattle and horses running along the rail that separates the booths? And the nice looking lighting? A very nice looking dining room! There's a large open area in the center of the room, that seemed a little odd, but it was so nice to not be crowded!!

So over all the food was good-nothing outstanding but just plain good, and the dining room was very large and comfortable. Nice western decor, comfortable booths and lovely carpeted floors. Best of all was the service. Our server Sara was awesome, she was a joy to have around. So I give them an A- and we will be sure to come again.


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Dannie said...

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