Friday, July 12, 2013

I Shopped till I Dropped

I went to at lease 15 used car lots in the past week. I talked to at least 6 used car sales men.
I looked at at least 50 cars in person and about a million on line.
I only asked for a few simple things.....not too old, under 5K$ no more than 120000 miles, 4 cylinder engine, automatic transmission and not too ugly. I don't know where they are coming up with these salesmen. I  tell them what I want and ask them to show me some cars and they look at me like I have 2 heads.....
I bring them a print out from on line shopping at their business and they can't find the cars advertised. I make an offer and they won't even make a deal. I say "I'd be a buyer for that car for $4800", and they say, Oh no I can't do that! I walk away and they call me an hour later and say, "what would it take to get you in that car?" Well gee fella, I told you! They all need to take a salesmanship class. If you won't deal with me on that car, then show me another one! I practically had to beg for them to show me a car or 5. It's not rocket science! I rant on don't I? At long last.....
I got this one....
Darling Daughter is going to drive it instead of the pick up truck. I think it will help her budget.....I'm so glad to be done with that task! It's a really nice little car, I hope it holds up well!

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