Sunday, July 14, 2013

"Honey, sometimes it takes all day."

So, Darling Daughter and me went to an auction over in Cedar Rapids on Saturday. There were so many tool boxes and tools and nuts and bolts and shop items on the hay racks!!
Look at all the rakes!!!
I thought this was a unique sled, check out that steering!
Lots of old style steel blade fans and just a lot of stuff in general!
There's a ton of glassware and dishes.DD got this jadeite bowl for only $10, and see that blue arrow pointing at that Hull vase? That Hull vase sold for $40! Who woulda guessed!! And those glass Pepsi, 7-Up, and Dr. Pepper tumblers, sitting there behind DD's bowl? The bidding was crazy for them! They finally went for $35 I believe.
I wanted this table! Look at those hairpin legs! Oh I want those legs!!!! Wouldn't they just look great in front of the blue wall on a narrower table? Yes they would!

More stuff, I was surprised that those copper teakettles couldn't get a bid, they had to heap a pile of stuff with them to get them sold. maybe they aren't really copper.
Look at this cute mixer, I had never seen one quite like this before. It sold for $40
There were quite a few books written in Czechoslovakian. A couple of guys got into a pretty good bidding spree on that Steam engine book at the bottom of the picture, I think it went for around $20.
So finally, they are getting close to my table, they try to sell a table and chairs set and can't get a bid, so they add a cabinet and still can't get a bid...oh NO! they add my table and I gotta bid! Oh No!!!
Yup, I got this table and two chairs and the cabinet, AND MY TABLE! YAY!! for my table, the rest, not so much...but on the upside, I got it all for only $5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at this link Hairpin Legs, see those legs are $19 EACH! I got gorgeous 26" legs for less than $1.25 each! Plus I got a table and two chairs and a cabinet! And a big table top too! SO there!!!
Such A DEAL!!!
OK, I didn't take a picture of the glider seat at the auction, but it looked a lot like this one (picture from except it was painted green and in really great condition. SO I thought that it was a really cool seat, would look good on our porch. Let's see what that goes for. Bidding starts at $50, and a guys goes $100, and a lady goes $200, and I go, WOW! and a guy goes $300, and the lady says $325 and the guy goes $350 and the auctioneer says SOLD! So if you see a seat like this and get it for $50 buy it I guess!

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