Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's been in my head....

Hubs has been needing a new visor holder for his registration and "stuff" he keeps in his car. He had a sad little plastic bag thingy, that was all torn and ugly. I've been thinking about this for awhile.
It's been in my head, but I was lacking motivation to yank it out of my head. I used a layer of Peltex as the base and then used my Industrial machine to sew it all up, easy peasy!

SO I made it have velcro to wrap around the visor. His old plastic icky one was elastic, and it seems to loose it's elas in the sun and is just tic. He also doesn't care if it covers the mirror, so easy peasy for me!

I had a big pocket on the back-the side against the visor-like a secret stash spot.
 I used cute scraps to make card slots for his plastic cards. and for some bizarre reason he keeps an assortment of ink pens in his car. He says their souvenirs...OK one is from the Hilton and one is from the Marriott, but the rest are from the Credit Union and the Dr. office.

Anyways, it came out pretty useful and cute too!

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