Saturday, August 24, 2013

Muddy Puppy Dog Wash

I've been sewing so while I was sewing, DD and her pal BJ took the Muddy Puppy Dog Wash for a trial run with my grand-dog .
Muddy Puppy, 
works pretty much like the car wash.  Put in $7 to get started. You can select different shampoos, and stuff, and use the sprayer just like the car wash.
There is a nice height tub for the pup, but the giant grand doodle, just stayed on the floor.  She liked the sprayer...ahhhhhhh. DD said the sprayer worked really well too.
Nice work there BJ. Doodle is liking the whole thing except for the dryer. Of course she doesn't like the dryer anywhere so no big surprise there.
So DD says that overall it's a good thing. If she could improve it, she would have a pause (paws?...hahah) button so she could scrub on the dog a while and not have time continue to run out, because just like the car wash, you always run out of quarters before you're done!

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