Sunday, August 25, 2013

Not So Disappearing 9 patch

Awhile back the disappearing 9 patch was all the rage, but I didn't get on the bandwagon at that time, but I've got one going on now! I popped the lid on my box of blues and greens and thinking of boyish/manly prints, I gathered up quite a few. Here's what the beginning looks like. Then you cut it apart and it goes together like this.
I made the center square the only solid so it would repeat throughout the quilt. But one thing I really didn't notice until I laid out all of the completed blocks is that when the blocks are placed all going the same way your 9 patch doesn't really disappear. I have these laid out on the bed for a baby size quilt, and I like the placement but it kind of loses the meaning of disappearing .....
It kind of becomes a 4 patch looking block. Well I'll get this sewed together anyways and I think I'll use up that piece of Riley Blake flannel for the back......Hope I have enough!
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