Saturday, August 31, 2013

Running Around All Day...Phew!!!

I had to go to the library this morning, my books were due and I stayed up late to finish the last one, so I had to go...but it's "game day" today in Iowa City. YUCK! SO I got up early to aviod the traffic jam and general craziness that is Iowa Game Day. So library-DONE! Check that off the list. Next up our wonderful Scentsy person Lindsey is having a last chance 1st peak  open house today, I need a bulb for sure, and I'd like to see what's new too, so that's next.
I got a bulb...BTW, Lindsey gives away FREE bulbs if you buy your warmer from her...just sayin'...and I got a new smell and a little something for She also is selling Valada-it's warmers for food, like fondue...yum!
You can reach Lindsey here.
Next up, I need to pop into Hy Vee to get gas and they have butter on sale...only $1.68 and the freezer is getting low on inventory, so I hit the 1st avenue Hy-Vee and it's not too game day Saturday crowded, thank goodness!

 I need to get gas too-dang! $3.59 and no points on the fuel saver yet for this week...darn! Well I might as well get the car washed's been awhile!

So I finally get home-it's over 90 already here.  I need to get that blue 9 patch quilt basted and started being quilted, so I guess I better go do that!

Oh, too bad the Hawks lost their season opener...

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sweetvintageofmine said...

Busy, Busy! I have those days too! Hope you are enjoying the weekend! Blessings~~~Roxie