Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Family Reunion

Every year over the Labor Day Holiday, My Mom's side of the family has a family reunion.
For over 80 years the family of Harry E Forbes has gathered in a ton of different places to reminisce and remember.
This picture is the family of Harry E Forbes.  From left to right it's Maurice (in the white shirt)-that's My Mom's Dad,  then behind him is his brother Willard, then their Mom, Georgianna Westman-Forbes, then Bernerd (in front in white) then Russell, and their Dad Harry, holding Glen and at the end is George. This photo was taken in 1915 in Akron Colorado. Looks like a pretty forsaken place to me.
This is my Mom's family, there's her Mom, Pearl Forbes, then her Dad Maurice (all grown up!) and my Mom's brother Paul, sister Frances and My mom Marilyn on the end. Isn't my Mom cute with that awesome flowered dress? I love that look on my Uncle Paul's face, it makes me think he just got scolded by his Mom and told to sit still.
So here's Mom with DD at this years family reunion.I think I need to find some pictures of the rest of us. I have 8 first cousins and only 2 of them were here this year.
My cousin Robin and Me, we were shopping the thirty one catalog. So Cousins, if you're out there, mark your calendar for next year on Sunday August 31, 2014. I hope to see you in Green Mountain, Iowa.

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