Saturday, September 21, 2013

50% of Escapees Can't Be Wrong

SO, you know you have a problem when the dog you let into the backyard is barking at the front door.

I walked the fence with DD yesterday and thought I had found the escape route, but Surprise! The dog was at the front door again today! DARN!!

There's the place! Right next to the East gate. When the city folks came and fixed the dirt from their work LAST YEAR...they removed a section of fence for equipment and didn't replace the Dog Escape Proofing that I had installed all the way around the yard when the fence was new.

So luckily, I had a small section of Dog Escape Proofing fence leftover and stuck it right in there! Dog Escape Proofing is my invention. You cut off sections of metal reinforcing mesh so there's pointy wires on one side, poke them in the gound and then wire it to the chain link.

Works really good, unless it has been removed!

See it goes all along the fence to prevent escaping dogs!
  Ok dogs come and have a cookie!

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