Friday, September 20, 2013

Bonnie Do List...

I've had a mirror sitting behind the door in Ben & Bob's room ever since I painted. I know, shameful. Anyways, I fianlly bought the correct kind of hangers for it and they have been sitting here for another mmm few days, yeah, that's it a few I better get busy!

Level!! Yeah!!

And a few wall anchors, and wow, still level..I usually have a lot of level issues...

Well darn, my mirror must be less than 1/4" thick, it rattles back and forth in the hangers.... I know how to fix this!

Yup a little sticky foam sheet...

and my mirror must be kind of not flat too..Oh well a couple of extra pieces of sticky foam stacked up and TA-DA.

There, now you can scare yourself when you close the bedroom door! 

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