Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Family Day

        So we finally got together for the Autumnal family birthday celebrations. We had such a good time, there was birthday cake...because really, when is it not a great idea to have cake?, yes that's right it's always a good idea to have cake!

Uber son and my darling older sister are proof of the happiness that cake brings!

A horse also brings a lot of happiness too.

      The kiddles all enjoyed taking one of the horses for a tour around the yard. DD got here walk in for the day too. Horse walking, I think it could be the next big trend in the fitness world!

          And then there's the chores...still fun when you do chores with your family, we all took some time to help load some firewood.
Dad brought his chain saw and we all helped load up some wood.
      I have been a poor picture taker recently. I didn't take pictures of the wonderful food we ate, I didn't get pictures of all the family who gathered, jeepers, I better improve on this!

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