Friday, December 6, 2013

Birthday Lunch at Cheddars

In honor of my Mom's birthday coming up on Monday we took a break from Christmas shopping and had lunch. We had never been to the new Cheddar's Casual Cafe in Coralville, Iowa, so we went there. 
It is a really pretty restaurant, with a kind of beachy feel. The tables are beautiful butcher block.
We saw some folks near us with delicious onion rings so we ordered some too. They come in a pile and are very good!
For $4.49 we had more than enough!
Mom had a salad with her chicken pot pie. It was an OK salad she said, but that dinner roll was wonderful. Mom said it was so light and fluffy it was like eating air. 
And the Chicken Pot Pie....
Mom reported that it was a very good pie. She said it had a lot of meat and vegetables in it and was a large portion. It did look very good!
I had the Chicken Fried Steak. It was just OK. A very large portion but I didn't like the gravy at all-it had a kind of sausage smokey flavor that I wasn't very excited about. The potatoes weren't all that great to me either. They are the kind with the peelings in them which I usually like, but the flavor just wasn't to my taste. That piece of toast was a waste-it wasn't buttered or anything, just dry toast-save your  budget on that Cheddar s. My meal came with green beans, but I swapped them for Cheddar s Apples in Yogurt. This was the high point of my meal. That little bowl of goodness was wonderful! Granny smith apples tossed with golden raisins and yogurt. YUM!
So all in all, not bad, I will order something different next time. Oh and we had excellent service-very quick and the food was hot and promptly delivered too! And I loved the wall covering in the ladies room too! The prices were very reasonable-about $27 for our entire ticket.  Happy Birthday Mom!

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