Sunday, December 8, 2013

Officially 'Tis the Season

Sometimes the Christmas season doesn't  feel Christmas-y to me until certain traditions happen. Things like A Charlie Brown Christmas
And putting p the tree after Mom's Birthday-which won't happen this year because of the flooring drama...
Deep tree at my house this year, and on top of that I hardly dare put out any of my Christmas lovelies because of all the dust from the sub flooring right now.
 I'm so sad...I have new goats to add to the nativity this year!!
Remember last year I added the dog, I got goats this year-aren't they cute!  They will have to wait until next year I guess.
 Anyways, at least one thing is festive and I have IPTV to thank for it! Lawrence Welk Christmas Special!

Yes, I have a thing for Lawrence. Always have since I was a little kid.
How come Bobby isn't on Dancing With the Stars?
I do love a good polka and the Christmas show has always been my favorite.   These folks are like old friends...yeah kinda odd friends, I know, but when they have their kids sing or play piano and when they sing some of my favorite Christmas songs, that makes it official. It's Christmas!

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