Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Whirlwind!

So I was up early on Christmas eve to get a few things done-slice some bread my friends at the Costco was nice enough to make for me :-) and arrange a cheese and cracker tray,

Then I zipped down to the church to make Christmas Eve bulletins-I forgot all about them!!

Then it's time to lad up and head to mom & Dad's for the family gift exchange. We had a fine time
Ben="jeeze what's in this box a brick?"
Mom as she opens her gift from Jean="Oh look it's a brick!"

look who is excited to get a fifty pound bowl of candy!

Then it's over to Aunt Francie's for lunch. Yummy chili!

We read the Christmas story from the book of Luke and sing Christmas carols. One of my favorite traditions.

Done with Christmas Eve. Now on to Today's festivities! Pancakes and Lasagna and gifts and such a lot of fun! Merry Christmas to all of you my faithful readers!

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