Saturday, December 28, 2013

Drama in the Dishwasher Department

So I did a little bit of pre-shopping in the dishwasher department, so Hubs doesn't have to walk around with me in the store. He can just go in and see the ones I like and get out....
So on the list is a stainless steel front, 55 decibels or less, under $500, made in America, some kind of food disposal system(I read about this) and installation included would be nice.  
So off I go, let's see, Lowes.....
Yikes-that's kind of pricey for installation, I think.
On to Menard's, and over to Sears....
Might as well stop at Slager's....
Have I seen them all now? I don't know....I kind of feel like I'm IN a dishwasher!
But this one is my winner!
Whirlpool on sale at Best Buy and it's Made in America!
 And the special deal on installation is only $49! YAY-They'll come install it on January 10th, I'll let you know how that goes!

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