Friday, January 24, 2014


So, awhile back Hubs and I had our eyes examined. As usual, mine were a little bit worse and so I needed new glasses. We thought we'd go to that place that advertises two pairs for some low price. Load up! Well what a disappointment. I was hoping to get a deal, instead I got a smack up the side of my brain! They wanted over $300 for ONE pair of glasses! "with your prescription you'll need to have these lenses"....well no thanks!!!
I knew there was another eye glass place over by Westdale Mall in Cedar Rapids, so I stopped there on my way home.

The sign in the window says 2 pairs for $110. Well, we'll see about that....

What a nice SURPRISE!  A very kind employee, Sonya, told me that with my prescription I could indeed have two pairs of glasses with frames, from the ones on the wall, for $110. OH BOY! There were a ton of frames to select from and she left me to it to make up my mind. After about an hour I made up my mind...yeah, I have a decision making issue, so?
Well today Sonya called me to say my glasses were in. It took about  a week. Not a problem for me!
 Look I took SELFIES!
Taking selfies is not as easy as the kids on facebook make it seem!
Anyways, If you need a reasonably priced pair of glasses, check out EyeMart! They have several locations around Iowa. Here's their Link...Eye Mart Optical
Oh and I almost forgot, When I picked up my glasses, Sonya also fixed Hub's glasses too! His nose piece was broken and she repaired it for FREE! I sure am glad I decided to stop at Eye Mart!

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Unknown said...

Thanks so much Bonnie! As I told you, I want everyone to know, service is my number one priority!
I'm so glad you are pleased with my service!!! Sonya