Monday, January 27, 2014

Hockey Time!

For the last couple of years, my employer, P&G, (PGEmp) has arranged for employees to go to the Cedar Rapids Rough Riders hockey game. It is a lot of fun.
We had kinda god/kinda bad seats this year, 4th row=good and at the goal end=not so good. But Uber Son and girlfriend-in-law and DD and her co worker pal and me all had fun anyways.
 DD and her pal Amy, yes that's a horse..Ricochet! Aren't they just the cutest?!

 Hey what are you ladies drinking there?
 Oh I see, In the mouth around the gums look out liver here it comes! Careful there-I think that's one of your patients over there...LOL!

 It was pretty much a full house so we were pretty cozy in our seats. Ben & Jean were tucked in the middle of the row-hard to get a decent photo!
Fun was had by all and best of all the Rough riders won in OT 2-1! YAY!!

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Jean said...

No pictures of the guy up front spilling his beer? Hahaha