Monday, March 31, 2014

Inside the Mailbox

So today it is crazy windy! When I got up I saw that our mailbox door was hanging open-YIKES! Heaven forbid that I lose a bill out of that thing!
 The plastic latch that is on the top of the box has lost it's latching part. So I put on my thinking cap and got crafty! Here's the plan:
 A little foamy sheet cut to fit with onto the latch-OK good, nice and snug. I'm sure folks driving by must have thought I was crazy taking pictures of my mailbox...
 Now put on the plastic latch holder part, then slip a tiny ziptie through the latch holder part.
 Yes, I'm pretty sure latch holder part is the actual name used by mail box assemblers worldwide.
 Cut off the extra ziptie, and flip that pointy end out of the way so it doesn't scratch my mail lady.
 TA DA! Now I'm slipping a bit of rubber tubing onto the door latch so it has a little bit of grip against the latch I just repaired.
There, Looks great, now let;'s see if the wind has been thwarted!


sweetvintageofmine said...

A true engineer.....or a great handy lady!! You did good! Blessings~~~Roxie

knuckstermom said...

Thanks Roxie!