Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Riddle Me This.....

SO a guy asked me if I could sew for him. I sadi sure, maybe. What do you have in mind? Well he had this green jacket-I chuckled and said, catch Lucky, he's got the lucky charms!, But no, he said he wanted to have a cosplay costume. 
 He is a fan of batman and he wants the Riddler costume for his cosplay hobby. He told me which version of the Riddler-Arkham City- he was wanting and I googled it and following his instructions I re lined the sleeves with purple poly satin.
 Then I appliqued purple satin over the lapels, it was a little tricky, but came out pretty good I think! I also used heat & Bond and added purple trim to the front pockets. Now for the trickier part.r
 The pictures all show Riddler with a big question mark on the back of his coat. I looked at fonts and then I ended up free-handing a big one on paper and then transferred it to the heat and Bond paper tha I had ironed onto the black fabric. I then did the same thing for the yellow fabric, and trimmed the yellow question mark so it fir with the black showing around the edges. Love that heat & Bond!  I opened up the lining of the coat and sewed the question mark on so it would be durable.

I think he was pretty pleased with it when I got done. Hey everyone needs a hobby, right?Model Picture from

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