Wednesday, April 2, 2014

3 Inches is Better

So you know I've been dinking around with this baby play quilt. For awhile-hey, I had some distractions...
anyways, it is done now.
 The big news though is this. 3 inches is better. So many quilt patterns and plans call for 2 1/2" binding strips. I was always fussing with them.
 I couldn't get good corners. I was really struggling to get the look I wanted using my favorite all machine stitched binding.
 But easy as can be, use 3" strips, and LOOK! good corners, good coverage, looking good!
 I love this 3" binding.
I guess that just goes to show ya, that those fancy smancy quilt patterns don't always have the best way to do things! There's MY way! LOL.

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