Saturday, March 8, 2014

Losers on Saturday

Well it's a sad thing to say, but we are still losers at Bingo. We traveled over the The Meskwaki Casino to play bingo and to share breakfast with the parents and sister. We had a really good breakfast at the cafe in the hotel, then treked over to the bingo area.
Even Uber son wasn't a lucky charm for us today. Jean tried her best, and DD hardly got close. And me, snort...I think I better just enjoy breakfast in the future.
 I did catch a little bit of entertainment.....
Check out the pants this lady is wearing. WOW! I bet they are some fancy expensive designer..but they sure were unusual!
So after arriving back to good old Oxford we popped in to Bootleggers Antique Warehouse to take our minds off of being losers. Love to stop at that place, it's like walking into a pinterest page.

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