Sunday, April 27, 2014

Auctions on Saturday

So DD, Uber SOn and me loaded up and went over to Fairfax Iowa for what was advertised as a 3 generations Auction. THe listing had so much stuff we just had to go see. We were not disappointed.
 I've been keeping an eye out for a cabinet for the kitchen that will fit where I have wall shelves right now so I thought maybe this one...nope too wide.
 There was quite a crowd, and also quite a hike to get there! We had to park on the road about half a mile away...walking for the day, Check!
 I heard a little noise, and figured out it was this little treadle sewing machine calling my name...haha, she was in pretty rough shape.
 Then I heard this little baby calling out too. She was in much better condition, but I need another sewing machine in a cabinet like I need a hole in my head. I swear there was so much stuff!
 A pair of fainting couches, along with a ton of vintage bicycles.
 Signs, and advertising stuff and some was just plain old rusty stuff.
 Look at all the toys, there was a tent with long tables and there was a ton of toys and Stuff.

 Look Roy Rogers! Oh Swoon! I love Roy Rogers!
 Roy comic books too! Oh my goodness!
 And I don't think I have ever seen so much Pyrex in one place in my whole life! It was going pretty high I thought, about $25-$30 for a two peice set seemed about the average while we were there. We didn't stay for the whole thing.

 Don't you love this vintage dinnerware. Unfortunately for DD the only Jadeite they had was the swirl pattern, not her pattern. DARN!

 So after hanging around at this sale for about 2 hours and they hadn't even finished the first row of tables!YIKES! We decided to pop over to a second auction located just a mile or two from home. This one was and estate sale, the family was selling off. Some things went pretty high, the family ties were pretty evident. There was lovely furniture and a TON of chairs. Another cabinet I liked too, but nope still too wide. I think my 24" wide is a dream.
 Funniest thing ever, they had a nice old wire egg basket, and I thought well that's a silly thing to sell alone, they better sweeten the pot a little for that, but wait a minute....guess what it went for? Just guess....Nope $25!!!
I know really? Anyways it was fun to go out with my two favorite kids in the world and the day was clear and cool so what more could I ask for!

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