Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Backyard Bonfire

 SO the long winter has passed...finally...I think anyways.
 SO 5 dogs, 3 little kids and a bunch of big kids came over and we burned.
Cooking hot dogs with John's smart hot dog holders....he's so smart!

 Uber son looks like he is viewing his domain! Notice that in this picture you can see that Poodle's nose is just the right height to eat anything on the table....and she did.
 A quick scoot on the mo ped to get some more wood....yeah that's it more wood!
 And then it's s'mores time! YUMMMMM! Amy and her neices stopped by, who wouldn't to have some s'mores? Right!
 And we tried the pintrest toasting Peeps trick. Not bad!
 A melty good Peeps s'more!
The weather cooperated, the kids ate till they were ready to burst and I haven't got a pile of wood in the backyard anymore! WIN!!!

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