Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Evil Quilt

 I am finally finished witrh this quilt. It's for one of DD's co workers who is having a baby boy. 
 Anyways, I  had this little charm pack of Camp-a-Lot from Riley Blake fabrics, then when we were at Inspirations Quilt shop over in Hills last week I saw they had the whole line of coordinating fabrics. SO I got some of the lightening bugs in jars print.
 But I got done with the center of the quilt and felt like it needed a little more, something so I thought I'd go get some more of the multi-print for a border to finish it off. Too bad when I got over to Inspirations they were all out of yardage, BUT the lady was nice enough to un-bundle a kit so I could have the yardage. YAY! Close call. Then I sewed the cornerstones wrong and had to un-sew them and re sew them. Then I  got all crooked when I was spray basting and had to re do that! What NEXT! So when I started quilting it I was pretty un happy with the square design I had tested on scrap fabric and so I went with wiggly lines instead, and doesn't it figure I got a little tiny tuck on the back side! Dang IT!!!
 SO after all ogf that look what happened to the binding. I was about 4" too short and I only had scraps that were about 2" long....well it came out OK but if one more thing goes wrong with this one I swear.... I never want to look at Camp-a-lot fabric again!!
Ready for a quick wash to crinkly goodness I HOPE!

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