Sunday, May 4, 2014

Drive 4 UR Community

Ford motor Company has a program called Drive 4 UR Community, it lets folks drive a new Ford car and then Ford gives the school cash after the test driver fills out a one page survey. The whole thing take about 15 minutes and if our local Ford dealer, Carter Ford, can get 300 people to test drive a car , Ford will pay our local elementary schools $6000.!
I drove the Flex.
 Wow is it a nice big car! Lots of room in here!
 It has all the bells and whistles! Hands free phone access with Ford sync, climate control, all kinds of options!
 This model has heated leather seats!
And look 3rd row seating! Well that was a fun test drive! I love this fundraiser. I don't have to buy anything from kids selling knickknacks, and it only take s a few minutes. If you get the chance to drive  4URcommunity, make sure you do it!

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