Sunday, May 4, 2014

Drive In Pilgrimage

 So we made our first pilgrimage to the Valle Drive In in Newton Iowa Saturday Night. Double feature as always, The Amazing Spiderman 2 and The Monuments men.
We drove througha little rain to get over to Newton, but it turned out to be a perfect clear, cool night.
 We paid our $7.50 each and found our favorite spot west of the concession stand.  We had stopped at the Hy Vee in newton and picked up a bucket of chicken and some beverages so we picnicked before the show started.
The amazing Spiderman 2 was not a great movie. The casting was good, the acting was good, but the story was just too long and convoluted. Too many characters that we really didn't need to see . It could have been 40 minutes shorter in my opinion. The beginning scenario could have been shorter and we didn't need to see that again at the end. (I'm avoiding a spoiler here!)
Now the Monuments Men! Loved it! What a great story! What a great cast of actors! This movie could have used a few more minutes to expand each character, but still a great movie.

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