Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Money Envelopes

 So it's graduation time isn't it! We have a couple of grads at our church and have collected some cash to gift them. I thought I'd whip up a couple of cute envelopes to present the cash in.
 I used my cool envelope maker punch board, and some bright double sided card stock I had on hand.
 I chose the 3"X6 1/2" size envelope from the list on the punch. It's a little big but will have lots of room for cash! SO using paper cut to 7 7/8" square and punch and score and fold and ta-da! This size of envelope makes the flaps a little long so I just chop it off on my paper cutter.

 There, folded, glued and ready for a closure!
 I used the flip side of the paper to make bands to hold the envelopes closed. If I was mailing them I would just glue them closed but we might have some late additions on Sunday so this makes it easy to open and add more cash!

 Looks good! I just glued the band together and slipped it on. And I can slip it off to open the envelope. SO I guess it could even be re usable, well isn't that "green"! haha green like cash....I crack myself up.

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