Monday, May 12, 2014

What A Weekend

So just look at this nice plate. My favorite Darling Daughter treated my Mom and me on Saturday to Olive Garden. Wasn't that nice!! DD had some kind of chicken and I had some kind of ravioli, it was all good!

 We also went to a few yard sales and look at this awesome chair I got for only $5! I LOVE it!
 Then on Sunday, my favorite Uber Son and girlfriend-in-law brought me over these beautiful flowers! I'm so lucky to have such great kids!
 What to you think of Uber Son's new do?
 So today I finished the purple quilt for DD's friend who is having a baby girl.
 Look at that cute owl fabric we found for the backing. Owls must be the trendy thing this spring. We saw a ton of them all over the stores.
 I quick meander and some cute polka dot binding, and then....
 washed to crinkly goodness!!

 It came out a lot better than I expected, I wasn't really sold on the solid lavender fabric, but it ended up fantastic I think!

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